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    Balancing Physical & Digital Presence with Chivo Hawkins from Stadia Church Planting

    From this point we are living in a world that requires us to consider and navigate the balance of physical & digital in every vertical.

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    Achieve Your Goals Faster with a Key Performance Indicator (KPI)

    Know if you are winning by incorporating these steps into your business strategy plan this year. You'll stay focused and maintain clarity.

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    Manage Your Freelancers with Clear Communication

    Set yourself up for a successful relationship with your virtual assistant or freelancer.

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    How to Save Time with Better Workflow Management

    Establish known workflows for yourself and your team to clarify expectations and direction.

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    Take Your Customer & Member Care to the Next Level

    If you are ready to elevate the level of care and communication with the people that matter most to your organization, get your CRM functioning at peak capacity.

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    Automate Your Life with Expert Systems

    This is the first of three posts about simplifying your management with automated systems.

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    Nonprofit Consultants: Therapists for Your Organization

    Nonprofit consulting may be just what you need to design and succeed in your 2021 nonprofit strategy. Consider bringing in a little outside help this season.

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    Scale Your Organization Better with This One Move

    Learn how you can do more with what you already have. No need to hire more staff or increase your risk load.

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    Top Reasons to Outsource Your Nonprofit Finance & Accounting

    Consider this option to run lean and stay flexible as you lean into the next season.

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    Management Decisions Your Board Will Love

    Show your board a fresh new way to accomplish all your 2021 goals with a leaner approach.

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    Project Management 101 for Nonprofits

    Use these tips to make managing your team and your projects easier, freeing you to focus more on what you love.

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    Choosing What to Outsource in Nonprofit Management

    Questions to ask yourself about your nonprofit organization to strategize for your next season.

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