Write Landing Page Copy that Converts

Use the right words to attract your ideal clients and walk them through the steps to engage with you and your company.

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    05 Jul

    Your time is just as valuable as your money and I don't want to see you waste either. I wouldn't encourage you to spend money on Facebook ads (or any platform) without several steps in place; Clubhouse is exactly the same. It is an incredibly powerful marketing tool, so let's be sure you hav everything in place to set you and your business up for success.

    Below are a few elements that will help you move listeners into your ecosystem and increase the odds of converting them to clients.

    1. Know Your Ideal Client
    Understand who it is you want to connect with. Is your business for parents of high schoolers, dog owners, geographically specific, etc? Understand that first so that you stay on track and get the most value out of the Clubhouse platform.

    2. Social Media
    Anyone on Clubhouse who enjoys what you say and wants to learn more will go to your connected social media apps, at the moment these are Twitter and Instagram.

    Determine if your social content clearly describes what you do, who you serve, and who you are as an individual or business. Perfectly color-coordinate grids and not necessary for Instagram success - great content that engages your viewers IS. 

    Post consistently, use all available types of content on a platform (IG example: Reels, Stories, Lives, IGTV, carousels, etc. - use it ALL!), and engage with your audience.

    3. Website
    Have a landing page at the very least. People are going to want to know more about you and how they can work with you. A very clear website is imperative to communicate the details of your business, specify the details of your product and service and help potential clients determine if you are a good fit.

    4. Calls to Action (Next Steps)
    Create a freebie or a low cost product to give people a chance to test your product or content. The goal is to get their email address, so offer them something valuable in exchange for their email address. This will give you an opportunity to guide them to a next step.

    When you are moderating a room on Clubhouse you'll be able to direct people to this free PDF, video or some other easily accessible piece of content. Periodically on social media you can also direct viewers to this content.

    Clubhouse Coach

    5. CRM + Email Welcome Series
    This is as simple as a Mailchimp account that allows you to easily track and organize email addresses. When someone gives you their email address for the freebie you're offering or any other reason, you want to set up an automatic welcome series to immediately engage this new person.

    I typically recommend 4-7 emails in this series spread out over 10-14 days. These emails are NOT sales emails. Content in each is to help new people learn more about you, your company, what you do and offer opportunities. Opportunities may be sales, but they might also be to join a Facebook group, participate in a Zoom webinar, etc. 

    A welcome series is crucial to capitalize on the excitement that was generate when this new person decided to download your freebie or whatever their option was.

    Clubhouse Marketing Funnel
    Organic marketing does not have to be complicated, but there are building blocks that will improve your experience on Clubhouse if you are there to grow your business. People rarely go from 0-100 in their first, second or even third engagement. Design an EASY path for potential clients to take small steps further into your ecosystem and give them opportunities along the way to work with you.

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