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    24 Feb


    Stadia Church Planting s like a nonstop entrepreneur factory. They coach faith-based leaders to make an impact in their communities. In addition to leadership development they advocate for systems and processes to be implemented in order for organizations to become sustainable.

    Chivo Hawkins joins me to dig into discovering your sweet spot. It’s crucial to find your zone of genius, operate there 80% of the time and in the 20% remaining find people to help and support you.

    4 Ways Stadia helps leaders find their sweet spot:

    • Self-discovery
    • Culture index
    • 4-day intensive training
    • Church planting profile

    One of the main focuses Stadia has this year is on Phygital, the combination of both a physical and digital presence. Just about every company is pivoting to some iteration of this. Read more about Phygital and how you can access Stadia’s resources.

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