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    06 Mar

    Have you been swept away in the wave of Clubhouse yet? It's been a fast and wild ride since I joined the first week of 2021 and the platform's rapid growth isn't slowing anytime soon.


    In case you're still fuzzy on exactly what Clubhouse is, here are the highlights:

    1. Clubhouse is an audio-only networking and community app that allows users to connect over shared interests.

    2. Moderators open rooms for discussion, then manage the "stage" and allow people from the audience to join in the conversation.

    3. Clubs on the platform allow club owners to organize people with similar goals to collaborate and create momentum around business, health, politics, finance or any common interest the club owner chooses.

    4. Your user profile is similar to a LinkedIn bio, with a LOT of characters allowed, including searchable emojis. Hyperlinks are not yet available, but are on the list of releases coming soon.

    5. You can connect both your Twitter and Instagram accounts to your profile to allow people to message you and learn more about you and your business.

    6. Pop into large rooms to listen to the moderators, do market research from the conversations happening, and look around at other people in the room you may want to follow.

    7. Enter smaller rooms that will allow you time and space to get on stage, contribute to the conversation, establish your expertise, and attract other participants who want to follow you.

    8. Anyone can start a room and currently most people can open a club, but we'll see how long that lasts.

    Why Should I Use Clubhouse?

    As a Clubhouse Coach I've quickly learned the benefit of being on this networking platform. Depending on your business' size, maturity and goals, the Clubhouse App fits into different stages of your marketing funnel. 

    Grow Your Audience

    Social media platforms have largely restricted much of the organic exposure we once saw. The Clubhouse App is a new way to find your ideal audience every day. By choosing interesting room titles, you can entice users on the platform to pop into your room, get to know you, your style, your business and begin the customer journey. 

    Learning to moderate well is a benefit I offer when serving as your Clubhouse Coach.

    Nurture Your Community

    Zoom fatigue is REAL! You would be surprised at how refreshing it is to use an audio-only app. Think of the Clubhouse App as an interactive podcast or radio show. You can take it on the go, listen while you exercise or drive, or cook dinner.

    Because users don't need to be tied to a computer, it's much more accessible for them and for you.

    Zero Prep Required

    If you have a podcast or produce videos for any platform you know the prep work required. The Clubhouse App is a simple conversation. It is community-centric, so people expect to engage. You can open a room, share a description of what is happening, then open the stage and see where the conversation goes.

    It's incredible.

    What the Heck is a Clubhouse Coach???

    Just like your marketing strategy, it pays dividends to bring in a specialist who can help you clarify your goals, then design a framework that will move you toward those goals.

    I work with business owners and entrepreneurs to determine why, when, where, who, and how to use the Clubhouse App to grow your business. Here are a few areas we will focus on together:

    Create GREAT room titles

    Moderate with the end in mind

    Design next steps for ideal customers

    Execute workflows and customer journey

    Choose tech tools to enhance your Clubhouse App experience

    Let's Get Started!

    To set up 15-minute discovery call, BOOK HERE.

    I would love to work with you and grow your business this year using the hottest new marketing tool.

    21 Clubhouse Tips + Tech Tools is available for free, so be sure you grab a copy of that. I'm constantly updating as new 3rd-party apps and tools are developed.

    Come find me Clubhouse and see for yourself. @rachelstewart1

    Watch this Video on Getting Started in Clubhouse:

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