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    SWOT Analysis & Love/Hate Exercise

    Before you begin scaling your business, branding, or marketing take some time to assess yourself and your business. This goes for any stage of running your business - ideation, newly launched, or established and know you need a few tweaks.

    This Love/Hate Exercise is one of my favorites. Use this grid to help you determine areas you should spend time in and where you should delegate or avoid altogether.


    business strategy

    A SWOT Analysis (Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, & Threats) is important for you to use both personally and for your business. Revisiting this periodically is a great habit, as often as every 18-24 months. You can simply draw two perpendicular lines on a sheet of paper,  then add one of these four categories to each quadrant.

    Here are a few other great resources I like for SWOT Analyses.


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