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    Use Clubhouse to Grow Your Business
    clubhouse coach tips

    Clubhouse has quickly become an important part of marketing and engagement for every business. Depending on your goals, Clubhouse may be at the top of your marketing funnel or it could be deeper into your customer's journey as you focus on community building.

    Both service and product-based businesses will find value in utilizing this audio platform. A strong Clubhouse strategy has the potential to bring great exposure to your company and build a community faster than you ever have before. Opening your own rooms, collaborating with others, starting small private rooms for more intentional topics and relationships, as well as marketing research are ways to add this tool to your marketing strategy.

    As you might imagine, many developers have capitalized on this opportunity and created a variety of related Clubhouse apps to improve your experience on the platform. You'll find everything from apps to add a colored ring around your profile picture to secondary ways for participants to text questions and interact with other guests.

    These Clubhouse apps will spark your creativity.

    It's important to keep your goals in mind and choose marketing strategies that enhance, not detract, from your progress. I work with businesses to prevent them from wasting time and resources, staying focused and creating a laser plan to achieve their goals.

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    Every stream of marketing, including Clubhouse, works best when you have a clearly identified Ideal Client you are speaking to. Your messaging will be clearer and you will connect more intentionally. Peek at this video on how a defined Ideal Client can grow your audience.

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