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    Business Growth Strategy

    Are you ready to get out of the cycle of overwhelm? Have you lost clarity with your goals or are struggling to make forward progress?

    It's time for a reset!

    Your business changes over time and you are constantly evolving as a CEO or entrepreneur. Periodic evaluating and refocusing are crucial to your growth and profitability.

    Productivity coaching allows you to take a deep breath and strengthen the foundation of your business. You'll will gain a fresh perspective on managing your operations without overwhelm and how to scale efficiently.

    What Clients Are Saying

    • "I was able to set clear and attainable 90-day goals that kept me on track for my bigger vision of where I want to go."
    • "Learning how to function within my zone of genius took a lot of pressure off me to do and be everything. I'm now able to balance my tasks and delegate as needed."
    • "Working a 60-hour week doesn't translate to more of anything. Focusing on what will actually grow my business has made a tremendous impact."
    • "I found myself in a growth cycle that I couldn't sustain. Rachel was able to help me automate parts of my business that allowed me to maintain a lean team."

    Productivity Coaching in a Nutshell

    Through an assessment of your business operations I coach you to create the most efficient and effective strategies to achieve your short and long-term goals. These are a few of the areas we cover:

    • Schedule/time management
    • Zone of genius
    • Personal and/or company SWOT overview
    • Workflows
    • Goals
    • Administration
    • Internal/external communication
    • Processes/systems
    • Core values
    • Mindset 

    Coaching options go as deep and wide into the organization as you choose, depending on your vision and goals.

    How Can We Work Together?

    Two packages are available to accommodate your business' needs. Choose between a more intensive deep dive that moves quickly and resets your business in 30 days or a second option that facilitates extended conversations over 90 days.

    View packages details at Productivity Coaching Packages.

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