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    Marketing Strategy

    Great communication creates a foundation for success in all you do. 

    The Marketplace is Constantly Changing
    The landscape of business continues to rapidly evolve, challenging your growth and development strategies. Choosing the best marketing platforms to reach your ideal client requires research, understanding of the current trends, and the ability to pivot quickly.

    Why Hire a Coach?
    One-to-One coaching will challenge you to assess your current processes and structures to ensure they are maximizing their potential reach.

    Together we will assess the mission and vision alignment of your current strategy, then develop a successful marketing plan. I absolutely know that time and resources are limited! You want results, so efficiency and impact are synthesized to reach your target audience.

    What Do I Get?
    We will work on organic and/or paid marketing, depending on the stage you're in with your company as well as both your short and long-term goals.

    A few areas we work through:

    • Brand strategy & guidelines
    • CRM software and processes
    • Social media
    • Email
    • Advertising
    • Marketing/sales funnels
    • Client research
    • Website analysis
    • Automation 

    Beyond our strategy sessions, I maintain a strong network of freelancers who can support continued management of your marketing needs. Whether you need a Social Media Manager to handle general oversight or a specialist, such as a Facebook ads manager, I'm here to help you build a powerhouse team.

    Marketing Packages 
    Browse the two packages detailed below and feel free to schedule a call if you're still unsure what's right for you.

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