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    08 Feb

    Building Adaptable Teams

    Who you are and what you believe is the constant in your life and ministry. The expression of those areas changes with culture, geography, life stage, and God’s leading. Realizing that you carry the vision, it’s helpful to equip your team to navigate style and directional changes along with you. Here are a few ways to keep your team in the right frame of mind as your ministry grows and evolves.

    Share Information
    You might think that Kids Ministry knowing what the Worship team has planned for the weekend or the month is not an intuitive strategy, but we see increased commitment and excitement when collaborative environments are encouraged. Open and transparent communication practices improve relationships and encourage sharing of ideas and innovation.

    Connection is what drives every aspect of your nonprofit organization. It’s what people crave and what attracts them to get involved. Whether you have a large paid staff team or are running an army of volunteers, find ways to create opportunities for them to connect in person and digitally.

    Encourage Learning & Development
    Prioritizing your team’s development will not only impact your ministry, but will create lasting change in each individual. With so much technology at our fingertips, there are inexpensive and free options to provide training to your nonprofit leaders, entire teams, and individuals in whom you see great potential.

    As a leader, you often recognize potential in others long before they see it. Feed a culture of learning by celebrating new ideas, sharing resources with those around you, creating community around learning experiences such as inviting a local business owner to come and talk to your team about creating an excellent first impression.

    Give People Room
    Understanding that everyone processes new information at a different rate of speed, give your team time to process new information and new initiatives. Think through your levels of leadership to determine who needs to know information at the appropriate times, but always give people as much time as possible to adapt to new ideas and change.

    People genuinely want to support you and the ministry God has given you. Honor them by offering transparency and open communication.

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