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    NFT Launch Strategy

    Crypto, blockchain, and NFTs are here to stay. They are changing the way businesses market, create awareness, build community, and drive brand loyalty. 

    NFTs are more than a craze leftover from the pandemic. They are a tool to build community, offer memberships with great value than traditional payment styles, and create value in a way that younger consumers crave.

    Your NFT launch strategy is crucial to the long-term success of your project. 

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    Beyond the Technical
    Once you conquer smart contracts, art development, and your initial roadmap, now what?

    It's time to map out your customer's journey, determine their entry points into your ecosystem, and establish a culture that keeps them engaged. You need an NFT Launch Strategy! From partnerships to website content, email funnels, core values, and content buckets, we'll make sure you have everything you need to launch well, then keep on going strong.

    What Do I Get?
    We will work on organic and/or paid marketing as well as establishing your brand messaging and giving you a framework to start marketing with confidence.

    A few areas we work through:

    • Brand strategy & guidelines
    • CRM software and processes
    • Social media
    • Email
    • Advertising
    • Marketing/sales funnels
    • Client research
    • Website analysis
    • Automation 

    Beyond our strategy sessions, I maintain a strong network of freelancers who can support continued management of your marketing needs. Whether you need a Social Media Manager to handle general oversight or a specialist, such as a Facebook ads manager, I'm here to help you build a powerhouse team.

    NFT Marketing Packages 
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