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    Clubhouse Coaching

    Clubhouse Coaching

    Download 21 Clubhouse Tips to Grow Your Business - it's completely FREE!

    The Clubhouse App on iOS devices has revolutionized the way we network and connect with people all over the world. In case this is new to you, Clubhouse is an all-audio platform that allows users to create rooms based on a topic of their choice. Participants can join in conversations or simply listen to the moderators discuss their chosen topic.

    Clubhouse is the hottest marketing opportunity of 2021 with more growth potential than any other current social platform. There are ways to utilize the power of social audio for any type of business or industry, local or online.

    So how can Clubhouse benefit you?

    It's time to rethink your customer's journey into your ecosystem. How do you connect with more people in your target demographic, especially while some locations are very much restricted in interaction? Inviting people to engage with you and your service or product is very different than it was even twelve months ago.

    Clubhouse coaching sessions include these topics and more: 

    • Craft an attractive bio
    • Ensure your marketing funnel is ready to handle new leads 
    • Build entry points into your business for potential customers. Clubhouse is only growing from here and you want to maximize the potential benefit and stay ahead of the curve.
    • Building an individual following
    • Determine who you should follow
    • Moderating best practices
    • Room Titles
    • Developing strategic collaborations (your MOD SQUAD)
    • Tools to measure your success
    • Pros & cons of having your own club
    • Growing a club
    • Keyword research
    • Monetization opportunities
    • and more!

    Building relationships is an important focus of Clubhouse coaching. You'll learn how to balance rapport and trust-building with pitching your offer at the right time. Even if someone doesn't share their email with you, there are incredible opportunities to start a relationship that provides value and sets you up as an expert.

    If you're not ready to make that jump yet, follow me on Instagram @rachelstewartcoaching for more tips on utilizing Clubhouse. 

    You can also following me on Clubhouse @marketingcoach3. You'll be notified of any rooms I'm hosting. Come and observe for yourself!

    Then let's work together!

    Individual Clubhouse Coaching for Business Sessions: $125 per 60-minute session

    4-Session Package Clubhouse Coaching: $400 (60-minute sessions)

    Schedule your free 15-minute discovery call.

    Download 21 Clubhouse Tips to Grow Your Business - it's completely FREE!